SIM-bank to Bypass AntiFraud

Ho You Can Use the SIM-bank to Bypass AntiFraud


It’s hard to imagine a successful GSM termination business without such a device as a sim bank. Using it, terminators can just make the life easier, making workflows more convenient, as well as protect their cards against the SIM-block.


The SIM-bank can store numerous SIM-cards in one place and load/unload them from gateways a virtually. For this purpose, the equipment must be used with a SIM-server. This is special-purpose software to remotely control the SIM-cards inserted in the GSM gateway slots. At the same time, the gateways can be located anywhere — in different parts of the city or in different cities. Virtually replacing the same SIM-card from one device to another, you can imitate the movement of a subscriber, keeping your service provider at bay.


You can buy a SIM-bank designed to handle 128 or 256 SIM-cards to control multiple multichannel GSM gateways. This is not only convenient, but also safe for a terminator. It is known that the location of the gateway can be tracked. You can arrange them in any location and at a distance to ensure the effective operation of SIM-cards. If you are using a SIM-bank, you minimize maintenance of VoIP GSM gateways.


The SIM-banks and SIM-server is a complete anti-sim block solution to terminate. Using them, you can ensure high performance of your VoIP equipment and thereby increase profits. To simulate the human, you can virtually change the SIM-cards in the slots and make calls from one card to another to generate incoming calls. You can create a schedule for all your SIM-cards, effectively building the GSM termination logic.


To handle the SIM-bank and SIM-server efficiently, you must set up them correctly. This task can be handled by a qualified technician only who has experience dealing with voice traffic termination issues. You can also connect your equipment to GoAntiFraud, to access the built-in SIM-server. You will be able to use proven tools to simulate the behavior of a real user and increase your income.

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